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  Studio of Photojournalism
In one of the most interesting studios of DINAODA pupils can learn skills in taking pictures, learn much about genres of photography and learn to discuss this art with others. Filming holiday and theme events of the centre DINAODA all year round pupils automatically became participants of these events and photographs, made by them and presented in halls of the centre DINAODA, gladden the eye of those, who visit these exhibitions.

Art studio
While studying drawing, painting, and composition pupils learn what comprises the basis of the classic art education. Levels of difficulty vary according to age and personal qualities of pupils. Exhibitions of drawings, created by children and teenagers are presented at the centre and are usually attended by children and teenagers, their pupils and teachers. Pupils of the studio many times participated in different art exhibitions in our city and received awards.

Studio of spiritual art and icon painting

This studio is unique, because there is no other studio at another centres or schools. The idea in its basis is consolidation between traditions of orthodoxy and heritage of history and culture. By studying here children and teenagers learn more about history of religion and culture of the world. Pupils are getting ready to paining icons, by not only learning the technical side of the process, but also by being acquainted with how spiritual culture developed and led to formation of icon painting as a genre of arts.

Studio of choreography

Classes at the studio of choreography are focused on a development of skills in movement and physical qualities, that can enable pupils to advance in dancing as a creative form of arts. Classes use basics of fitness, such as weightlifting exercises and yoga. Besides that, pupils study such styles of dancing as hip-hop, new style, crump, jam. These styles of dancing are based on skills of listening to music and being able to dynamically choose another rhythm and style of dancing.

 Studio of break dance
The main task in studying at classes of this studio is to learn a perfect coordination of movement and to develop different groups of muscles, flexibility and stamina, strengthening of a nervious system. These classes lead to harmonization of body and soul and strengthening of physical and mental health of pupils. All concerts and competitions, that are organized by the centre DINAODA welcome participation of pupils of our break dance studio. Pupils of this studio regularly perform in events, organized in our city.

Studio of decorative and applied arts

In our studio children and teenagers learn to create their own handmade articles. Creative atmosphere of the studio and wonderful interior transfers every lesson into a small holiday. Pupils of this studio many times received awards at different exhibitions of crafts. At the centre DINAODA there is a permanent exhibition of crafts, made by pupils of this studio.

Studio of psychology

The main task of this studio lies in development of communication skills and searching for ways to deal with conflicts, that happen between people of different age groups. Attending classes helps in dealing with conflicts and views on motivation  and decision of each other, that develop responsiveness and help to understand behavior of other people in different types of situations.

Vocal studio

In our studio pupils develop skills in learning more about genres of music. Their activities are focused on involvement in active creative work, During classes pupils practice skills in singing, diction and articulation. Pupils of our studio participate in different concerts and competitions, that give them a valuable experience of performing on stage.

Studio of computer design

While attending classes of this studio, pupils learn much about working in Adobe Reader and Corel Draw. It is useful to study how to work with photographs and create their own projects, based on computer design. After studying the basics of computer design, pupils start studying flash-animation.

Studio of fashion theatre

In our studio it is even possible to feel like a professional fashion designer. Pupils create theme collections of clothes, going through all stages of this process. The final stage of designing clothes is to present the result before the audience. Pupils learn to design clothes and by working in detail on every aspect of this process to present their ideas at different events all year long.

Studio The art of being beautiful

 Classes of our studio are lead by the famous stylist Igor Kalmykov. Pupils learn much about make-up and how to design hairstyles, that is an important part of a stylish life.

Intellectual club Brain-Ring

Our task is to lead theme classes, specialized in different sciences and widening outlook of pupils. Besides that classes of this studio lead to development of intellectual skills.

English language studio INTERCLUB

Our classes are focused on forming curiosity towards learning foreign languages and developing skills in communication through studying national and foreign culture. Positive attitude and motivation to communicate help pupils to develop their professional skills through creative thinking and find their place in life. By using Internet pupils of our studio can communicate with pupils of the same age from other countries and help those pupils in learning more about Russian culture.