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President and our inspiration of the Centre is academician is Larisa Kashtelyan. Once she saw a dream where in a fairy-tale castle children that speak in different languages and are of different origin, create together.  This dream changed her life. At that time Larisa Kashtelyan worked as a doctor in the field of cardiac surgery.
From now on the goal of her life was to make this dream come true. Several years passed before that dream could come true, but the centre DINAODA was created for letting children with different forms of disabilities to enjoy life and find their place in it.
Larisa brought together people, holding the same views, who became a part of a team, working for the future of DINAODA. Kindness and compassion, which are features of her character, help children. Larisa’ adherence to principles and her strong will and sociability are an example of a view on life and social duties.
For her work with disabled children, high professionalism and inexhaustible creativeness, Larisa Kashtelyan is awarded with
              • Certificate of honour For many years of fruitful work in rehabilitation and social adaptation of

                 children with limited abilities, signed by the Mayor of Moscow
              • The Golden Heart of Peace
              • The order of the Golden Heart of Peace
              • Diploma of an international award The Golden heart For serving the highest ideals of humanity
              • The Golden order For the will to live, awarded by the Fund named after A.P. Maresiev
              • International prize named after A.P. Maresiev For the will to live, in the nomination Returning to life

                after serious traumas
              • Golden medal, named after N. Ostrovsky For an active civil position, personal nobleness and many

                 years of charity work, awarded by the National committee of public awards
              • Silver medal  of the Russian government For merits in preserving Russian culture
              • An Honorary title of academician of Tiberina Academy (Italy)


The name of Larisa Kashtelyan was added to honorary books Famous people of Moscow 2007 (pp. 210-211), Biographical Encyclopedia of successful people of Russia Who is who in Russia (p. 768). The founder of this publishing company is Ralph Hubner (Who is who, Verlag fur Personenenzyklopadien AG Alpenstrasse 16, CH-6304 Zug Schweiz). Larisa Kashtelyan is an envoy extraordinary of the Society of biographical research Who is who. Headquarters of this organization are located in Vienne. Its activities cover the whole world.
Larisa Kashtelyan for 17 years continues to work as a Member of the Coordinating Committee on people with disabilities, founded by the Moscow government. Larisa Kashtelyan participated in preparation and enactment of laws about social security of population. She is also a Member of the Public Board on Education, founded by Moscow government and a Member of Presidium of the Public Board, supervised by the Prefect of Central Administrative District of Moscow.