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Our history

            Inter-regional public non-governmental organization of disabled people Cultural and health centre for people with problems with motor activity DINAODA continues its activities for 20 years.
The name of the centre is not accidental. This name means in Russian Disabled children with malfunction of musculoskeletal system. Activities of the centre are focused on humane goals: professional orientation of disabled children and teenagers, social and psychological rehabilitation by developing of creative activities of children and teenagers with limited possibilities, organizing their out of school hours and leisure.
           In 2004 Larisa Kashtelyan founded and opened the first and unique both for  Russia and Europe art centre for disabled children and teenagers DINAODA. This wonderful and modern building opened its doors for a lot of children and teenagers with health related problems.
Nowadays all events of the centre are held here. That is the annual art charity festival for disabled children and teenagers From heart to heart, annual concert Let’s share kindness with each other, sports events Riddles of DINAODA. These events are important due to their role in integrating children for creative work.

           The centre DINAODA houses many studios, that were opened for making lives of disabled children and teenagers better by involving them in active work on development of their skills and learning to be professional in many fields, including spiritual art and icon painting, foreign languages, computer design, fashion design, dancing in different modern styles, singing, making reports in photographs, psychology, drawing and crafts, basics of cosmetology and an art of looking beautiful.
All programmes, that are offered by our centre are charity based, which means, absolutely free for disabled children and teenagers.

Centre DINAODA developed international projects, are well known in the world:
• In the year 1999 Following footsteps of Suvorov, dedicated of 200 years of passing through the Alps. Larisa Kashtelyan consolidated disabled people on wheelchairs, who repeated the famous route, made by the army commander Alexander Suvorov 200 years before. This event was the highest display of a human courage and an example of human abilities without borders.
• Project, organized together with the US Government for developing creative abilities of children and teenagers
• Annual art festival for disabled children and teenagers from many countries