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                In 20 years of its existence centre DINAODA built traditions, by which work of the centre can be easily recognized.
One of these traditions became an Annual charity concert Let’s share kindness with each other, dedicated to the International Day of Disabled People. The name of this Concert speaks for itself.
In a festive and creative atmosphere children show their achievements, find new friends, find power and confidence for exploration of new heights. This concert is usually held in December. This concert usually gathers more than 1000 children from Moscow and Moscow region.
Annual art charity festival for disabled children and teenagers From heart to heart. 
The goals of this festival is to attract attention of society to problems of disabled people.
The charity festival consists of 6 competitions in drawing, singing, choreography, poetry, instrumental music and theatre. This festival ends with a grand final concert, where names of laureates and winners  are announced.
For evaluating competitions a jury is set up. This jury consists of art professionals, artists, singers, art critics and stage directors. 
                The concert brings together disabled performers – winners of competitions and performing groups. Winners are awarded with diplomas and souvenirs.
More than 2500 disabled children and teenagers participate in the annual art charity festival From heart to heart.
Visiting DINAODA is a fascinating sports event with quizzes, specially created for children with different disabilities. This event in a form of a game gives participants a chance to create a world of fantasies and build a structure of a team game via going through an obstacle course.
In summer months a sports event Visiting DINAODA takes place in different boarding schools for children and teenagers, and organizations, based at district councils of Moscow. Competition for participating in final games gathers 4 or 5 teams in every boarding school. Winners meet in the Bay of Joy, where usually 4 or 5 teams and audience compete in final games.
An unprecedented event Following footsteps of Suvorov in wheelchairs, dedicated to 200 years of the campaign of the famous army commander Alexander Suvorov passing through the Alps  This expedition was lead by Larisa Kashtelyan, who also participated in all events of this passage. Expedition was successful in going through all four passes.
Programme in vocational guidance: Basics of hotel industry, with visiting the hotel Oksana, studio of Photojournalism, with a chance to get published in the Youth Newspaper About Us and in the magazine Phoma, project of intellectual games Brain-Ring for developing an IQ, abilities to search for an use necessary information.
              Programmes in game therapy –playing programmes, that enable to find a key for discovering talent and creative abilities in any child or teenager.
The process of education continues in 3 stages. First stage is called Game therapy. The second stage consists of training programmes for developing leadership skills, logic and integration of children and teenagers in the society. The third stage is about relaxation, role playing, watching and discussing films about special topics.
Besides that centre DINAODA houses children art exhibitions, creative and literary events, competitive programmes, championships in table forms of sports games, theme events about geography, history, performances, and celebrating holidays together.
              Centre DINAODA and Football club Intersport for disabled people who suffer from cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, work together on training a football team and get that team ready for participating in international football championships.
In all months it is possible to take visit museums, exhibitions or theatres.
Centre DINAODA organizes seminars for training supervisors of organizations, that are in charge of disabled children.  This field is important for exchanging experience and improving work of teaching professionals, educators, speech pathologists, psychologists outside regular hours.